Task Cluster E: Collaborative Online Research Platform

Task Cluster E consists of the project part ‘PP11’, whose members are tasked with developing and implementing the Collaborative Online Research Platform ‘German in Austria’. The Collaborative Online Research Platform will be the main communication and research hub of the entire ‘German in Austria’ project. It will support not only work among and between the project’s teams, but it will also connect the project and its results to the outside world.

The project’s website serves as a starting point for getting in touch with members of the general public as well as those within the research community who are interested in the project. Initially, we will be providing relevant information about the project to different target groups. We have placed an emphasis on addressing the non-academic public and on informing them about the project and its results.

The platform will support our researchers throughout the whole research cycle, ranging from data querying and analysis to publication and sustainable preservation of research data and outcomes. The outcomes will not only include an operational collaborative online research platform for the entire project but also a comprehensive and multi-dimensional (linguistic) annotation framework, with the aim of achieving interoperability of annotation schemes, corpora, annotated data and workflows in collaborative research. This means that it will be possible to use the data being collected and analysed in the project from different viewpoints for various application purposes. The research platform will allow for the systematic collection, storage, and representation of all research data and enable the collaboration between project members.

Furthermore, our data processing practices will foster the access to research data and outcomes and facilitate the re-use of this information, also in the field of teaching. Data will be made available to the public in a number of ways including being published as linked open data. This means that all of the tools we have developed will be freely available and usable for other projects (open source) as well.
We want to create a research platform that is of interest not only to a professional audience but also to the general public. This means that the usability of the different tools is of utmost importance.

Moreover, our users – whether they are academics, students or laypersons (citizen science) – will be able to do research independently and publish their outcomes on the research platform!

As a result, we are contributing not only to collaborative research among all project members, but also to methodological innovation in the field of digital humanities!

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DiÖ (2018): Task Cluster E: Collaborative Online Research Platform. In: DiÖ-Online.
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[Access: 20.10.2020]
Team: Gerhard Budin (PP11: project leader), Hans Christian Breuer (PP11: Technical Staff), Ludwig Maximilian Breuer (PP11: project coordination), Arnold Graf (PP11: Technischer Mitarbeiter), Barbara Heinisch (PP11: Project Staff), Markus Pluschkovits (PP11: Projektmitarbeiter), Rebecca Stocker (PP11: Project Staff), Esther Topitz (PP11: Project Staff), Jakob Bal (PP11: Studentische Hilfskraft), Klemens Wagner (PP11: Studentische Hilfskraft)
09. October 2020
Cluster EAll SFB – Presentation

Wie sprichst du? Wie spricht Österreich? IamDiÖ bei der Lange Nacht der Forschung 2020

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Article URL: https://dioe.at/en/article-details/artikel/2567/
03. September 2020
Cluster E – Presentation

Graf, Arnold / Pluschkovits, Markus / Breuer, Ludwig Maximilian: Design von Daten und User-Interfaces: Tokenisierte multi-user Transkription und Annotation im SFB Deutsch in Österreich

  • Graf, Arnold / Pluschkovits, Markus / Breuer, Ludwig Maximilian (03.09.2020 - 09:15–10:15 h): Design von Daten und User-Interfaces: Tokenisierte multi-user Transkription und Annotation im SFB Deutsch in Österreich. (Workshop: Datenaufbereitung und Visualisierung, Universität Siegen / online)
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Article URL: https://dioe.at/en/article-details/artikel/2519/
15. June 2020
Cluster E – Blog

Der Linguist im Back-End, oder: wie ich lernte, die Datenbank zu lieben.

Markus Pluschkovits erklärt, warum man manchmal durchaus an der Intelligenz von Computern zweifeln darf, und wieso ein Sprachwissenschaftler gerne Zeit mit Datenbanken verbringt.

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20. March 2020
Cluster E – Workshop

Workshop: Datenaufbereitung und Visualisierung

Als Fortsetzung und Erweiterung an die sehr erfolgreichen und konstruktiven Workshops "DMW - Datenaufbereitung und -management" (Universität Siegen. 30.08.2016) und  LDDB (Universität Wien, 07.07.2017), bei denen die Datenverarbeitung und Open Science im Vordergrund standen, war vom 19. bis 20. März 2020 an der Universität Siegen ein weiteren Workshop zur „Datenaufbereitung und Visualisierung in der Variationslinguistik/Dialektologie“ geplant, der nun vom 3. bis 4. September online stattfindet. Der Fokus des Workshops liegt auf der Nachbearbeitung bzw. Aufbereitung der linguistischen Daten und auf den digitalen Tools.

  • 03.09.2020–04.09.2020: Datenaufbereitung und Visualisierung in der Variationslinguistik/Dialektologie. Organised by Ludwig Maximilian Breuer, Kai-Uwe Carstensen, Nicole Palliwoda, Markus Pluschkovits. Participating institutions: DMW (Universität Siegen) / PP11 SFB DiÖ (Universität Wien).
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22. January 2020
Cluster E – Presentation

Seltmann, Melanie E.-H. / Stocker, Rebecca: Vortrag in Düsseldorf (22.01.2020)

  • Seltmann, Melanie E.-H. / Stocker, Rebecca (22.01.2020): How to ling*scape German in Austria. (Studientag Linguistic Landscapes, Universität Düsseldorf)
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Article URL: https://dioe.at/en/article-details/artikel/2263/
28. October 2019
Cluster CCluster E – Publications

Prochazka, Katharina / Breuer, Ludwig Maximilian / Kim, Agnes: Conception and Development of an Open Database System on Historical Multilingualism in Austria

  • Prochazka, Katharina / Breuer, Ludwig Maximilian / Kim, Agnes (2019): Conception and Development of an Open Database System on Historical Multilingualism in Austria. In: Jazykovedný časopis / Journal of Linguistics volume 70. 2 , 456–466.
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Article URL: https://dioe.at/en/article-details/artikel/2170/
21. October 2019
Cluster CCluster E – Presentation

Prochazka, Katharina / Breuer, Ludwig Maximilian / Kim, Agnes: Vortrag in Bratislava, SK (23. Oktober 2019)

  • Prochazka, Katharina / Breuer, Ludwig Maximilian / Kim, Agnes (23.10.2019–25.10.2019): Conception and Development of an Open Database System on Historical Multilingualism in Austria. (SLOVKO 2019: 10th International Conference on NLP, Corpus Linguistics, Language Dynamics and Change, Bratislava, SK) [URL: https://korpus.sk/slovko.html]
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Article URL: https://dioe.at/en/article-details/artikel/2147/
06. May 2019
Cluster E – Presentation

Seltmann, Melanie E.-H.: Vortrag in Wien (9.5.2019)

  • Seltmann, Melanie E.-H. (09.05.2019): Ein Standard für Non-Standard?. (Workshop "Sprachwissenschaftliche Dissertationsprojekte der Wiener Germanistik and friends" 2019, ÖAW, Wien)
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Article URL: https://dioe.at/en/article-details/artikel/1982/
12. March 2019
Cluster E – Presentation

Breuer, Ludwig M.: Vortrag in Cambridge, UK (19.03.2019)

  • Breuer, Ludwig M. (19.03.2019): All about that base: Basics of linguistic databases for the processing of data on variation and change. (Mapping Language Variation and Change workshop, University of Cambridge, UK)
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Article URL: https://dioe.at/en/article-details/artikel/1989/
14. December 2018
Cluster E – Presentation

Seltmann, Melanie E. H.: Fakultätsöffentliche Präsentation der Dissertation (14.12.2018)

  • Seltmann, Melanie E.H. (14.12.2018): Annotation of Non-Standard Varieties. (Fakultätsöffentliche Präsentation der Dissertation, Universität Wien, AT)
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Article URL: https://dioe.at/en/article-details/artikel/2066/
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