SFB German in Austria Variation – Contact – Perception

The FWF Special Research Programme (SFB) ‘German in Austria. Variation – Contact –Perception’ (F60) is a project that deals with the variety and change of the German language in Austria. The three thematic pillars of the project are variation, contact and perception. This means that the SFB explores how the German language in Austria is used and perceived as well as how it has been influenced by other languages.

Our goal is to make the research methods and results of the project easily available to a wide audience. This includes anyone and everyone interested in the entire spectrum of variation and variety of German in Austria.

About the SFB ‘German in Austria’

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31. March 2020
Cluster D – Blog

Sprache in Zeiten der Corona-Krise

Sprache ist zwar leider keine Medizin gegen Covid-19, aber sie wirkt dennoch in unser aller Leben: Sprache wirkt, weil wir durch Sprache wirken – weil Gesellschaft und Sprache in Wechselwirkung stehen. Sprache ist ein Wirk-Zeug.

Barbara Soukup über die Wirkung von Sprache in unserer derzeitigen Situation.

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Article URL: https://dioe.at/en/article-details/artikel/2370/
12. June 2020
Cluster B – Presentation

Ludwig M. Breuer (12.06.2020): Sprachdaten(banken) – Aufbereitung und Visualisierung.

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Article URL: https://dioe.at/en/article-details/artikel/2308/
30. March 2020
Cluster B – Publications

Breuer, Ludwig M. / Wittibschlager, Anja: The variation of the subjunctive II in Austria. Evidence from urban and rural analyses.

  • Breuer, Ludwig M. / Wittibschlager, Anja (2020): The variation of the subjunctive II in Austria. Evidence from urban and rural analyses.. In: Linguistic Variation 20/1 , 136 -171. [DOI: https://doi.org/10.1075/lv.19005.bre]
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Article URL: https://dioe.at/en/article-details/artikel/2367/
27. March 2020
Cluster D – Presentation

Barbara Soukup (27.03.2020): Linguistic Landscaping

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Article URL: https://dioe.at/en/article-details/artikel/2307/

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